Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Floral Jacquard Dress Revisited

One of my favorite past projects is Carolina Herrera inspired dress (blogged here). I enjoyed every second of the project: buying the fabric, analyzing the details, adapting the patterns, making the muslins, and assembling the dress.

When I posted the picture of this dress on a sewing forum, Stitcher's guild, under the title: McCall"s 5466 + Vogue 8555 Dress, Kathryn of I Made This! said - "The way you added the netting at the hem area of the red/black dress for a faux ombré look is pure genius. "

Did she say ombré look?

I have to admit that I had never noticed that the netting gave the dress an ombré look. All my attention was given to the details like where the seams were, how the prints were oriented, etc. I was not seeing the forest for the trees, wasn't I? Well, that was my Aha! moment. (Thanks, Kathryn!)

So I told myself: When it comes to analyzing the design, looking at it from a distance is as important as examining the details.

Since I never had a chance to look at the original CH dress, I could only imagine how the netting was applied. Having said that, here is what I did for my dress: I basted the netting to the hem of the dress, sewed it using tiny zigzag stitches along the flower design, and cut the netting above the stitching line.

Adding the netting or sheer to the border-print fabric to create ombré look is indeed a brilliant idea. I cannot wait to use this technique -which I would have never known if I did not knock off CH dress - in the future. 

Parting shots: Sleeping kitties - don't we love cat's funny sleeping position? :)

Leo sleeping on the ironing board, using the fabric origami iris (blogged here) as his pillow.

Chester likes to sleep right in front of me when I study. I have been studying for the coming actuarial exam since my last post: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti inspired coat has zero progress because of that...

Baby Leo :)

Until next time, cheers to you all!


  1. Those cat poses are hilarious!

    That is one *gorgeous* dress!!! And I do love the ombre look. :)

    1. My cats... they are natural born comedians. Thanks for the compliment, shams. :)

  2. Lots of good thoughts are being sent your way for a great test score. I know you'll do well.

    1. Aw, that's so sweet, thanks Rhonda! I'll give it my best shot. ;)

  3. bela s, I read your comment on my phone then I lost it.:( Perhaps I press the wrong button... I'm so sorry! I do hope your lace fabric will work up with border print. As always, thank you for your lovely comment.

  4. Thank you Yuki! One of the cats probably pressed a phantom button on your phone. If there's mischief to make, they find a way.

  5. Your dress is stunning and what a wonderful technique you discovered.