Sunday, March 11, 2012

Simplicity 2472 Milly Knit Top

Spring break, baby! I have just finished my first spring break project. I was excited to use this yellow knit which I bought in January (blogged here).

Fabric: Viscose knit from Sawyer Brook. This is a four-way stretch knit with ample stretch and recovery. It is very soft and comfortable.   

Pattern: Simplicity 2472. It is a very simple pattern which only has front, back, and binding for neck and sleeve. I made View C.

Does everyone like sewing bindings? Well, I found out I did not! It required lots of patience.  

Neck Binding: 

Sleeve binding: 

When I finished all the bindings and checked how it looked, one word immediately came to my mind: pajama. I like using a simple pattern for busy print fabric, but this time it looked way too simple and boring. Since the fabric was so soft and comfy I was tempted to just hem it up and wear it as a pajama but hey, this is Milly fabric! I wanted to make it wearable outside.

I liked the look on the right much better. I decided to add lower band to transform it into a top.

I cut off 10 inches from the hem, shortened its width so that it clings at hip, and folded it half to make a band. Then I gathered the bodice hem and attached the band.  
Lower Band from Inside
Lower Band from Outside

Here are the front and back view of the final result.

Yay! This fabric is a little bit sheer so I am going to wear it with a camisole underneath.
Update: You can see the picture of this top on me here.

Helper of the day: Leo

Until next time, cheers to you all!


  1. Tell Leo he made a great job! Thats a lovely top for spring.

  2. I love your top , the fabric is so pretty and cheery. It looks perfect in the shorter length.

    1. Thanks,Lisa! I'm happy with the change I made however if the fabric had more body, I probably kept the original length and styled it with contrasting belt or dangling necklace.

  3. Ah Yuki you have discovered the dark secret of the Cynthia Rowley patterns for Simplicity. I absolutely love them (in theory). I love the styling on the envelopes and as such have collected many. However, every one I have tried has turned out too shapeless and "pajamy." It makes sense most styles depicted are always worn with a belt (big red flag). I try to just incorporate the details I like into things I know are much better fitted/drafted. Your conversion to a top is very flattering.

    1. LOL! Yes, Bela, we should all be aware of pajamy pattern!