Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On my Sewing Table: Vogue 1177

Hello, everyone! It has been a while since my last post. Here is an update on what I have been up to. I have been working on Vogue 1177 Anna Sui dress. So far I cut all the pattern pieces and did my usual petite alteration.

Vogue 1177 Anna Sui Dress

Meanwhile this Milly poppy print voile was washed and ready to be cut.

Since I have been very busy keeping up with my school work, I can not spare even thirty minutes sewing time a day these days... The pattern pieces have been sitting on the table for days. It is not a good sight. Obviously somebody thought something had to be done. Yesterday I caught Leo studying the instruction!

It's so easy, a kitty can do it!

Was he trying to sew for his mommy?! Maybe:D Since this kitty scoops water with his paw from his water bowl to drink, my instruction sheets have some water marks now. He definitely should not work on silks.

I hope I can sew sometime soon. Until then, cheers to you all!

UPDATE: You can read Vogue 1177 in progress here: Vogue 1177 Pleats Please


  1. I know the feeling. Both my cats are willing helpers when it comes to sewing: they are pattern weights, bobbin chasers, pattern organizers and sewing chair warmers. Not sure how I ever sewed before I cats?!

    1. Your cats seem to be better helpers! The other day I caught Leo nibbling on pattern pieces here and there... No more pattern job for this kitty!