Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hong Kong Finish Experiment

I have been working on this fabric:

That is Carolina Herrera Cotton Stretch Twill purchased from Emma One Sock few seasons ago. When I bought it, the dress made of this fabric was still available in stores:

Carolina Herrera Short Sleeve Marble Print Dress
Photo courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

The fabric has just the right amount of stretch - perfect for body-hugging style.

I decided to make a sheath dress. 

The difference between the CH dress and NL6261 is that CH has panel front whereas NL is shaped by darts.  


I do not know what kind of bug had bitten me, but I am in love with Hong Kong Finish! I decided to use it to finish all the visible seam allowance (=SA).

Things went great until I got this 'huh?' moment...

What should I do when the seams are not straight?

I know that for hip curve, I should ease-stitch SA and shrink it before sewing bias tape to it... but what about waist curve where SA is clipped?

Ease-stitch on the edge of SA

I searched online but to no avail... Does that mean Hong Kong finish is not an appropriate method to finish clipped SA?

Let's see....

Clipped SA

Pin bias tape to clipped SA and stitch along fold line

Press the seam open, enclose the edge, and stitch in the ditch - Now SA lie flat

You can see the clippings between seam and bias tape. I have to say it is not the most elegant SA, but at least it will not ravel.


The dress is almost done! I only need to add lingerie guards.

I will post the finished dress next time.

Until then, happy sewing everyone!


  1. Stunning. I confess to having a severe dose of fabric envy. Not good for someone on a fabric diet due to stash obesity!

    1. Oh, Gail...Fabric diet is the hardest thing to do for us fabric lovers!