Friday, June 8, 2012

Vogue 1247 Little Black Skirt

My third and last Vogue 1247 skirt is done!

Fabric: Theory stretch cotton twill
Lining: Stretch polyester charmeuse
Both from Mood Fabrics

Although this skirt is made from cotton, black color makes the skirt look heavy and hot. I probably wear white version more often in early/mid summer then gradually switch to black in late summer. (I think dark orange version can be worn year round.) If I add a jacket/coat, tights, and boots it can be worn in fall/winter in mild climate like Arizona.

Some coordinate:

1. American Eagle knit top knock off (blogged here)

2. 5/48 chiffon blouse

If you have read my previous post on Vogue 1247 White Skirt, you have already seen these tops in coordinate 3 and 4. They are pretty versatile pieces to pair with either black or white.

3.Lafayette 148 silk knit top

4. M Missoni knit top

5. Missoni for Target cardigan which I share with my daughter

While I was browsing Neiman Marcus website for more black skirt coordinate idea, I came across this little number called Circus Lovin' Skirt by Nanette Lepore. If I look at only its silhouette, it is almost identical to my Vogue 1247! Styling a black skirt with purple and neon green is eccentric for me but I think the top is darn cute.
Source: Neiman Marcus

So, I completed three casual skirts. I am very happy that each skirt works pretty well with what I have in my closet.

After working with three cuts of solid cotton, I am having a gorgeous-fabric withdrawal right now! If you are a fabric-holic like me, you know what I mean. My next project must involve something oh-so-fabulous... Perhaps like this:

It is Carolina Herrera sheer basket-weave silk from Mood Fabrics. I am excited to work on this beauty!

Until next time, cheers to you all!


  1. I know the post is supposed to be about the skirt, but wow do I love the American Eagle knock off top. Really fantastic.

    1. I remember the original AE top was only $3.99 at Marshall's. I sorta upgrade it. :)

  2. Beautiful outfit combinations Yuki. I really have to get that pattern now it is so perfect for a nicer take on a basic skirt.

    1. Thanks Lisa. If you want a casual skirt you're gonna love the pattern!

  3. It is incredible that the same tops you styled with the white skirt, looks just a fantastic with the black skirt. I know exactly what you mean about gorgeous fabric withdrawal. You have picked an especially pretty one to work with next. Enjoy!

    1. Yes, those two tops are pretty versatile either because of color, shape, or both. And I'm glad you understand GFW(Gorgeous Fabric Withdrawal)!