Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Look 6786 Cardigan Jacket

I remember how excited I was when I found this fabric online. Missoni knit made in Italy!!! Two color combinations - blue/brown and mustard and earthy color- were offered. I immedeately ordered swatches. It was a bit expensive so I had to choose only one of them. Boy, it was hard to decide! I bought blue/brown and picked up a pattern. I was thinking M Missoni cardigan jacket.

I was so excited that I may have gone a little too fast...

Pattern: New Look 6786 View C.
Unfortunately this pattern was not the best choice for this project. I thought this would be perfect for zigzag knit because the picture of the cardigan on the package was stripe-ish. Wrong!!! If your fabric has a wide panel of horizontal design that has to match at side, this pattern will most likely not work because there is ease (or gather whatsoever) near bust area, front side only. What a bummer! I redrew front piece by omitting the ease so that zigzag matches. It worked only because I never need FBA.

Fabric: Wool/misc Missoni(?) knit. The trim is dark brown wool jersey.

A year or so passed. One day I came across a fabric which looks exactly same. It was on the different website and listed as plain “wool knit”. Hmmm. I read on. I did not find a single “Missoni” name in the description. Why on earth the seller would not want to mention such a marketable name “Missoni” for their product? That made me wonder about the authenticity of this fabric... but who knows?

Despite all the excitement, this cardigan was not my best work. I did not do a good job on either applying the trim or straightening the fabric so that the front line curved… Oh well, there will always be a next project (and next fabulous fabric)!

Until next time, cheers to you all!


  1. Oh, I'm sorry that you don't think it's your best work. From the photo it looks like it would be a fabulous sweater to pair with jeans and boots!

    1. That's how I wore this cardigan but never felt right in it because I knew what was wrong with it.:/