Sunday, December 27, 2015

Black Shawl

My Facebook post a night before the trip back in September:

"Want to make a shawl in two hours. 
 It has to be all hand-sewing to retain softness. 
 Wish me luck! 

明日からの旅行に急遽持っていくことにしたストールを作るところです。柔らかさを殺さないように全て手縫い。2時間で仕上がるのか??? その後パッキングは終わらせられるのか??? なんともチャレンジングな夕方になりそうです。"

Of course, it took so much longer than two hours to finish. 

Fabric: Mixed content woven purchased from Emma One Sock
Dress: McCall's 5466 + Vogue 8555

I was truly fortunate to attend opera at the Semperoper/Le Nozze di Figaro and the Wiener Staatsoper/La Traviata in this me-made outfit. The trip was a blast and I will be ever thankful to the person who took me there. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Hello Again!

I have to admit that I once used this beautiful fabric as a tablecloth for a dinner. Luckily nobody spilled wine or anything on it, but even if that happened, I could probably pretend that the stains were part of the painted design. For that, this was the perfect fabric for a tablecloth. 

However, I wanted it to be a skirt. 

Fabric: Hand-painted canvas-ish cotton purchased from Emma One Sock  
Lining: Polyester or acetate lining fabric purchased from Fabric Mart
Pattern: Skirt from my TNT dress (modified Vogue 8555 - out of print) plus belt from Vogue 1247
Cardigan: Elie Tahari

To support the hemline, I first thought of applying fusible interfacing. However, when I opened up my interfacing bag, I discovered few other choices: silk organza, netting, and a bias strip of hair canvas. I grabbed the hair canvas simply because it was ready to use. 

I was happy to see that the hem interfacing made a difference in the overall silhouette of the skirt.  

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!