Sunday, March 16, 2014

More on McCall's 6506 Shirtdress

I had a lovely lunch with my friend yesterday and she took this photo of me. It was meant to be posted on FB to show how happy I was to receive a signed picture of my favorite soccer player, but I thought I should post it here as well. Although it is not front/back photo, it still may help some readers to visualize how the dress looks on a petite figure. I am 5'2/157cm and wear US size petite 0/XS. I cut pattern size 8 and shortened the bodice.


Some random thoughts after wearing McCall's 6506 shirtdress:

The dress is comfortable to wear even though the fabric has no stretch to it. If you have a thick back, I recommend that you make a muslin to test.

Waist is marked on the skirt pattern. This means that the belt is supposed to be slightly above waist, but mine sits at waist. I probably should have shortened bodice additional 1/2 inch or so. However, I think tying the belt at waist is more comfortable than doing so at above waist.

The waist darts are supposed to be folded outside. I folded inside because I did not care for outside darts. This change did not affect the fit at all.

Skirt hits at knee. If any shorter this print may look a bit childish for 40-something woman. I may shorten the skirt if I use more mature fabric.

On pattern envelope the collar looks too big for my taste. I cut off its long edge about an inch. Even after that I still feel the collar is big and dress looks little too 70's. Now I see why. I had to alter the shape of the collar, not just trimming around the long edge. I like this collar on Oscar de la Renta:

Photo courtesy of
Oscar de la Renta Lace Print Shirtdress

Be warned: The skirt is easily blown up by the wind!

Overall, I like this pattern. It is great addition to casual daytime wardrobe.

Until next time, happy sewing everyone!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

McCall's 6506 Plenty by Tracy Reese Shirtdress

I had some time to sew last weekend at last! Did I try to finish Vogue 8857 tunic that I started last fall and abandoned since then? Nope! I made this dress.

McCall's 6506 Front

McCall's 6506 Back

Fabric: Cotton Poplin from Gorgeous Fabrics (I used same print before: Vogue 1177 Poppy Blouse)
Pattern: McCall's 6506 - Out of Print (Limited sizes are still available at McCall's website as of 03/12/2014)
Some Changes: 
  • Collar: Since I thought that collar looked too big on the pattern envelope, I made it smaller.  
  • Pockets: I wanted to make pockets and actually cut them out, but the instruction for attaching them confused me so much that I decided to omit them. I thought that either the illustration was wrong or cutting line and fold line on pattern were mixed up. Of course I could be wrong...

The dress has a retro vibe to it. I like how pleats turned out. 

I tried Hong Kong finish for the first time. I am loving the result!

Hong Kong Finish

  By the way, this dress sold at Nordstrom looks identical to McCall's 6506.

Photo Courtesy of
Plenty by Tracy Reese 'Amy' Print Shirtdress

Now I want a black belt to wear with my new dress! 


Happy sewing everyone!