Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Emergency Kit

Here is a question to ask yourself today: If you can take only limited number of fabric from your enormous stash, what will you choose?

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Monument Fire. The fire destroyed more than 32,000 acres in Sierra Vista area in Arizona and 1500 acres in Mexico. 
Smoke from the Monument Fire - 6/15/2011
My house was not in the evacuation zone at that time, but seeing the smoke like this made me worried.

Then two days after I took the picture above, another fire broke out - this time much closer to my house. Ironically the fire was caused by the blade of a bulldozer sparking while dozing a fire break. Here is youtube video of the Antelope fire.

Because I had no idea how quickly the fire could spread over the dry desert grass, I was not really alerted when I heard about this new fire that had started 20 minutes ago - until I opened the garage door. Holy cow! All I could see was smoke. Our entire housing area was in ominous smoke. Then I saw the flashing light on the top of the police car slowly emerging from the thick smoke. A police officer was repeating "Evacuate immediately".

I started loading my car right away. First, cats. Then important papers, laptops, valuables, phone charger, and some clothes which I randomly shoved into my travel bag. It took less than 10 minutes to leave the house, but took forever to get out of the housing area because the street was ridiculously congested.

Chester stayed on my shoulder while I was driving away from the fire.

Luckily, the fire was contained by that evening and we all could go home. The fire did cross the road called Buffalo Soldier Trail but did not cross the block fence of our housing area. My house stands four houses away from that fence.

It is important to keep yourself calm. Right? Well, it is not easy to do. I was mildly panicked after seeing the smoke. When you are not cool, it is very hard to make a right decision. That is why we have to prepare when everything looks calm and peaceful. Do you know what to take? Making a list of those important stuff and storing them in a container that is easy to carry is a good idea.

After the evacuation frenzy, I selected several cuts of fabric from the expensive/non-reorderable group of my stash. Then I bought a garment container and stored those chosen cuts in it. Not only the container protects those beauties from cats and bugs but it is ready to be carried into my car in case of emergency. 

An alarming number of wildfires are burning in the U.S. right now. Hurricane season has already started. We never know when earthquake hits... 

Are you ready?

Parting shot: Peony - my favorite flower of all
Until next time, stay safe!


  1. I do need to update my earthquake kit (thanks for the reminder) but what I'm really thinking is that I simply MUST grow a peony! ;-D

    1. I know by reading your blog that you grow pretty flowers. Peony would be a great addition to your garden for sure!

  2. Growing up in a hurricane area, I was prepared, but living in Chicago has rendered me complacent. I do need to think about things that I would not want to loose. Thanks for the post. A great reminder.

  3. That's great advice!
    What a very scary day for your family... I'm glad you did not lose any property in the fire.
    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Carolyn!