Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun at OFF 5TH

Earlier this spring, I found this silk chiffon blouse by Elie Thari and loved it.

 I didn’t love the price – it was $177.90 even after 40% discount.

Then, last week, I found the same blouse on the clearance rack. It survived without pulling or tearing! The price went down to $65.98. Better yet, the store was having a sale that gives 50% further discount on clearance items. The final price was $32.99 – very close to 90% off the original price! Woo-hoo!

Actually, I almost bought the exact fabric a couple of months ago. was selling it for $29.95/yard. (And of course it sold out before I realized it.) To make the same blouse it’ll take about 1.5 yard, so the fabric itself costs about $45. Needless to say, I need interfacing, buttons, and threads. Besides, it comes with a camisole... So buying this blouse from the store saved me not only money but time to make two garments with detailed designs, such as concealed fly, pretty hem finish appropriate to the delicate crinkled chiffon, and scalloped edge finish on the camisole neckline. - I bought it!

Another reason I love to shop at outlet store is that I can "feel" the high-end garment without being bothered by the store associates. In this trip, I could get close to Oscar De La Renta and Carolina Herrera dresses which usually priced around $2000. I was so excited to find this Carolina Herrera dress which was on my "like" list couple of seasons ago.

 It was absolutely stunning in real life! The price was about $300. I examined it inside and out and believed that it was worth the money. I seriously considered the possibility of altering this dress from size 14 to size 0. LOL! Well, I didn’t buy it. I thought that it was such a shame to rip the seams which looked so perfect (and it was made in U.S.A.).

Until next post, cheers to you all!

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